Month: February 2017

Distributed graphs processing with Pregel

Graphs processing is an important part of data analysis in many domains. But graphs processing is tricky may be tricky since general purpose distributed computing tools are not suited for graphs processing. It is not surprising that an important advancement...

/ February 27, 2017

Declutter Your POJOs with Lombok

Lombok is a library that helps to reduce Java's verbosity. This tutorial presents how to use it to write clearer POJO classes.

/ February 20, 2017

Graphs processing with Apache Flink

Graphs are everywhere. Internet, maps, and social networks to name just a few are all examples of massive graphs that contains vast amounts of useful information. Since the size of these networks is growing and processing them become more and...

/ February 13, 2017

Implementing Flink batch data connector

Apache Flink has a versatile set of connectors for externals data sources. It can read and write data from databases, local and distributed file systems. However, sometimes what Flink provides is not enough, and we need to read some uncommon...

/ February 6, 2017